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Modular Cafe May 2018

Powwow Tokyo November 2018

Cumulus (2013)a2893515231_2

1. The Approach 03:24

2. The Engine Room 08:40

3. The Bridge 20:32

4. The Quarters 08:54

5. The Departure 02:56


All the tracks on this album where recorded live in San Francisco on a modular synth, the Cumulus Machine. They represent different fantastic visions of fictional, abandoned environments that could or perhaps do exist somewhere only the clouds travel.

The tracks are meant to be heard in order as a continuous journey.

Released 15 August 2013

Compositions and knob-wiggling by Glitzerstrahl (HKJ / Halt! Run!).

Mastering by Adam Watson.

Cumulus 2:


(Coming in 2018)


The follow up to Cumulus from 2013. Again, all material is being produced on an evolving and morphing modular synthesizer, this time based in Tokyo, Japan.