About Halt! Run!

Halt! Run! is an electronic music project and platform by HKJ.

A sonic exploration of generative, melodic, chaotic and often unpredictable character which intermittently sprouts an album or a video.

HKJ is a sound designer / composer hailing from Sweden and currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Having produced various installation art project, exhibitions and light + sound installations since the late 90s, in the early 10s his focus turned to music production, and especially improvised generative, explorative and noise based music.

The modular synthesizer journey began during a 4 year working period in San Francisco where the history of the city, the surrounding landscapes and the magical afternoon sunlight was a major influence on the music.

After an additional 4 years in Sweden he moved back to Tokyo in the fall of 2017, and the city and its people is slowly seeping into and evolving the music to the next stage.

Drawing inspiration from Industrial sounds, Berlin school, New Age textures and straight 4-on-the-floor Techno the compositions vary from melodic to chaotic.